Observations not being collected in Place

Why is this observation not appearing in the Observations of the Place Kaipatiki Creek neighbourhod, which is shown in the Location Details of the observation?


I see it in observations from that place. Is your search set to only show verifiable by any chance?

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I think getting listed in a place is not instant - I’m not sure what the delay is but might take minutes or be different if editing older observations?

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Thanks. I wondered if there was some filter in effect, but I was not using a Search, just following the link in the locality details. I will check again to see if that involves filters.

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Thanks, that could be it.

Edit: i just checked again, it is still not showing herein the iNaturalist.nz portal.

That does seem to affect some things. Eg today I tried to search my obs for high accuracy values or false location, using exactly the url given in the url wiki but replacing kueda as username with my own username.
It worked in the global portal, but I could not login there to edit the resulting observations. In the nz portal it did not work.

The link from the locality details uses the default verifiable=true, you’ll have to uncheck the box to get verifiable=any.

Can you give some example URLs for the other issue you described with the global portal vs the NZ portal?

Thank you! Re the Verifiable filter.

I will do some work on the url / portal issue and start a new thread when I have sorted out some examples, and maybe learned more.

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