Observations of Omus californicus split between two subfamilies

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  • Searching for observations of subtribe Megacephalina in California includes some observations of Omus californicus, which is instead within subgenus Platychilina. Searching for observations of Platychilina includes the remaining observations of Omus californicus (473 total observations of O. californicus, 80 appear under Megacephalina, 393 appear under Platychilina). I don’t know if it is relevant, but the Megacephalina query appears to include only observations from three or more years ago, while the Platychilina query includes both recent and older observations. Clicking on the observations link under either subfamily query brings you to the set of ALL Omus californicus observations in California, not just those that show up under that subfamily query.

Step 1: Query search results on the Explore page for subtribe Megacephalina in California (Link 1). Search result includes some observations of Omus californicus.

Step 2: Query search results on the Explore page for genus Omus in California (Link 2). Search result includes all observations of Omus californicus.

Step 3: Query search results on the Explore page for subtribe Platychilina in California (Link 3). Search result includes observations of Omus californicus not included under Megacephalina.

This is a common indexing bug that can be fixed by inactivating and reactivating the problem species.

But didn’t that technique also cause problems like https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/community-taxon-issues-with-ant-observations/45511 ?

I have never seen that happen before so I don’t know how common that is. But this fix has always worked for me.

Alright many thanks. What is the upper size limit of a taxon to inactivate and reactivate without likely issue?