Observations restored from back-up not indexed for place searches

I recently had a couple hundred observations restored from back-up since they were accidentally deleted (see https://github.com/inaturalist/INaturalistIOS/issues/499). However, none of the restored observations show up under any location searches (e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=8748&subview=grid). They do show up in species/taxon searches, however (as long as no location is specified). I imagine there is some location search index that gets updated automatically when new observations are uploaded, but the update doesn’t happen when observations are restored from back-up instead. Just a guess.

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Also it looks like those observations are missing from my taxon-based Life Lists.

Lists are very buggy and certainly not guaranteed to be accurate under many circumstances, let alone an uncommon one like this. On every list page there is a Tools dropdown near the top with 2 actions available. Run them in order. It will try and force your list back into an accurate state, although it is likely only a matter of time until it is out of synch again.

@cmcheatle - That worked great for fixing my lists! Thank you!

I’ve let our devs know.

@tiwane - Resaving the observations seems to fix it. I’ll go ahead and resave them all, so no need to have the devs do anything. Thanks!!

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