"Observations with this field and value" link not working


There are 4 observations with that field and value. The search is showing none. Is there something wrong with the text I have used for the Field value? Or perhaps it will be delayed because I edited the Value shortly after creating the field. ("Observations with this field " is working as expected)

I think the problem has to do with the space in the value but don’t know how to escape it properly (e.g. replacing with ‘+’ doesn’t work either). The hash (#) is a special URL character and definitely needs escaping (replace with %23).

Thank you @reiner. I will modify the name of the field re thd hash. But I think I have other field values with spaces, that work…,I will check

I removed the hash tag, hyphen, some of the spaces, and a question mark. Now working at least for some observations, after editing the value for each observation to use the revised values.

It can have delays for indices to be updated in the background, but usually not for longer than an hour. Another possible problem is if any of your observations are marked casual, then they won’t show unless you alter the filter after you follow the link

do you have a link to an obs that uses it?

Thanks Mark - they all seem to be working now. eg

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