Filter to verfiable=any and place_id=any for "Observations with this field"

Under Observation Fields, you can click on field names and a popup appears offering Edit, Delete and View options. We use this with the “Similar observation set” field to link observations of different stages when we are raising on lepidoptera larvae. However, we leave the original observation as wild, and mark subsequent observations as captive, which makes them not appear in the “View observations with this field and value” search result. There is a default “verifiable” setting checked in the result set filters… is it possible to have this verifiable filter taken off, or perhaps double up the option with verifiable/all additions

I’ll put it up as a feature request if needed, but I imagine it is a simple change (modify, or copy and modify an existing link), but perhaps others might have reasons this might be a bad idea?

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Looks like I was able to move this from General to Feature Requests, so it’s votable.

That said I agree it’s a pretty “lame” thing to vote on since it seems a no brainer to change these filter settings. ;)

thanks! I don’t think the votes will matter, but perhaps it wasn’t being seen because it wasn’t a feature request!

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A definite needed feature. But only my vote so far?!

only just got switched from a general topic to a feature request. I’m all out of votes at present, so need to find one to free up somewhere. I’m hoping that they just see the sense (and ease) of this and it just gets done. If it wallows, i’ll rustle up a vote and stir some discussion!

This should be live now.