Occurrence Status not uploading from CSV when batch-adding/updating a place checklist

When using Add Batch > Upload CSV on a place checklist, using a CSV formatted according to instructions, Occurrence Status does not populate from the CSV for taxa already in the checklist, only for new taxa. Description and Establishment Means both populate for all taxa in the CSV, whether or not already in the checklist. But Occurrence Status instead populates from current values in the checklist for existing taxa. It should be possible to update Occurrence Status of existing taxa via Upload CSV, as currently possible for Description and Establishment Means.

Example checklist:

Test CSV:

Bromus rubens,description of Bromus rubens,common,introduced
Bromus tectorum,description of Bromus tectorum,common,introduced
Horkelia hispidula,description of Horkelia hispidula,present,endemic
Polemonium chartaceum,description of Polemonium chartaceum,present,native
Avena fatua,description of Avena fatua,absent,introduced

The first 4 species are already in the checklist, Avena fatua is the test case for a new taxon.

For testing/replication purposes, the values for the 4 existing species are currently set to blank/unknown in the example checklist. Note that to repeat the test, Avena fatua must be removed from the checklist again after each CSV load.

Side note (stealth feature request): currently there is no provision in the CSV format to specify the default (blank/unknown) values for updating existing checklist taxa. It would be very helpful to have that option.


Do you get a log file of this Upload CSV? I have the idea that this is not the only thing that is broken…

Are we sure this is a bug versus a feature request? The text on the form specifies it is to add taxa. It does not suggest that it is for updating existing data.

Just for clarity, were it a feature request, I would vote to support it, but cant do when classed as a bug.

Well, since since it does in fact update existing data for two of the three fields, it’s either intentionally inconsistent, or some of the behavior is unintentional. Would have to hear from staff as to which.

But yeah, updating existing data is really handy to do via a batch. So if it turns out that it is not intentional, I would certainly want to request it (if requests for list functionality are even being considered at this point…)

I’m not aware that uploading a CSV batch creates any kind of separate log file. And yes, it has already been noted by staff elsewhere that current list functionality is based on older code and is buggy. I believe it is on their agenda to revamp.

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