Unable to update taxon status due to duplicate listings in place checklist

Platform: Website

Browser: all browsers

URLs: Example listings for one case are: one, two, three

Description of problem: I am attempting to update the establishment means to “introduced” of a taxon from the relevant place checklist page (in this case, North America). When I click the “Establishment Means” drop-down menu, select “Introduced”, and click Save, I get the error “There were problems updating that listed taxon: Taxon is already on this list”. There are 3 total entries – sequentially numbered in the URL’s “listed taxa ID”, and I do not see a way to remove any of them. Only one shows up when specifically searching within the checklist, despite the duplication. One of the three (the highest listed taxa ID number) has the denotation “This is the primary listing”, but for the other two duplicate entries, there is only the option to “Make this the primary listing”, not to remove them. I still cannot successfully edit the establishment means even if trying to change only the “primary listing” entry.

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

They could probably be found and removed here, but that would be a lot of pages to look through manually. I tried looking based on list number, but it doesn’t exactly seem in order.

The list numbers are all sequential and it looks like they were added simultaneously. The first/last observations are also wrong.

definitely hypothetically possible, but I can’t imagine going through those 745 pages one by one, especially if the three don’t all end up on the same page. I don’t really understand the use of the checklist batch edit function in general… the difficulty of filtering makes the tools for mass-marking occurrence status and establishment means seem really questionable… it doesn’t seem like manually editing the URL works either…

I just tested the following on our test server:

I went to https://www.inaturalist.org/listed_taxa/102594866 and https://www.inaturalist.org/listed_taxa/102594867 I removed them from the checklist, which you can do via this tiny link. Can curators see it? Maybe it’s just for staff.


It looks like you can’t correct?

Once I removed those duplicate listings, I could update the establishment means of the taxon.

no, that option doesn’t show for me – see my first and second screenshots above, the rest of that menu appears but not the link.
also, if you mean that you’ve already removed those two, https://www.inaturalist.org/listed_taxa/102594867 still appears as the “primary listing” for me, and I still cannot update the status of https://www.inaturalist.org/listed_taxa/102594865