Odd GPS locations when using "Obscured", for some observations

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Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): My camera does not have GPS capability, so after uploading photos, I manually enter the location name into the search bar and choose obscured. Occasionally one or two of the observations GPS points are on the other side of the globe. People have messaged me letting me know to correct it. One one occasion all of the observations for that day had incorrect GPS coordinates. Has anyone else experienced this?

Step 1: Upload several photos

Step 2: type in the location and then choose it from the list.

Step 3: after filling in the rest of the info, submit.

although obscuring observations can slightly shift the locations of some observations in some cases, it should not put observations on the other side of the globe. if observations are showing up on the other side of the globe, this is likely due to an error manually inputting the coordinates for the observations. maybe you’re forgetting the negative sign for your latitude value if you’re in the Americas or something like that…

that said, it’s hard to provide more than random guesses without seeing an example of where you’ve encountered issues.

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@pisum I am not adding GPS points manually. The only thing that I input manually is the place name. AFAIK the GPS coordinates are generated by iNaturalist.

it would be helpful to provide an example.

are you saying that you input a place and the coordinates get created based on the coordinates of the place? if that’s the case, then maybe whatever place name you’re inputting is tied to multiple locations, and you’re selecting is on the other side of the world?

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I haven’t been able to reproduce your bug. Please provide the specific location strings you are using that trigger the bug.

So the times that it has happened, others have noticed and commented on it. In those cases, I had to go in and edit the observations. There is no GPS data attached to my photos, so I just add the place name. If it somewhere that I have been before, then I will use a pinned location. The default visibility for my pinned locations is obscured. The interesting part is that sometimes when submitting many observations together with the same pinned location it’s a single observation that’s location is out in the middle of the ocean or in the arctic. This is why I believe it to be a bug. If it was the case of something like the place name “Springfield”, and it was showing up in the wrong Springfield, It would be less of a mystery. The places where some of the observations show up is very remote, nowhere near land, and I am not travelling anywhere near those locations. I will comment here if it happens again without going in to correct it, so others can see exactly what it looks like.

it sounds like you’re just accidentally clicking on the map somewhere random.

Hmmm I always upload several observations at once and after selecting all, I choose the pinned location. When would I have to accidentally click a location, so that it only changes one of 20-30+ observations?