Odonata species is flagged in iNaturalist as endagered

I have recorded this species, Austrolestes minjerriba, recently and it is shown as red EN in iNaturalist. When I look at the IUCN redbook list it is shown as LC, Least Concern, https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/163534/14676345#population. Is the iNaturalist a previous listing or is it reflecting just a local listing of Endangered?

The broken link to the IUCN page suggests it may be an older status. I’ve just fixed the link and updated the status.

Hi @gjn - if you come across an issue with a taxon, click Curation on the taxon page, then Flag for curation:


It’ll pop up with a small box, but you can leave a short comment, save, and then use the comments section to add a longer note. Thanks!


Thank you, was not sure about the flag symbol and what it was used for.


A comment. Sometimes an abundant species may be classed as ‘Endangered’ in one area. I come across this with Noctuid moths - they may be at the northern edge of their range, or the habitat is marginal for them.

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