No response for flagging conservation statuses

I started flagging for necessary updates on the national red-listed species for my country, but very few are being considered. For several species, I even can’t see the ‘Content Author’. How can I know if my flags are considered; and if not, why not?


Hi Attila - the main reason is that there just aren’t enough volunteer curators to help resolve all flags in a timely manner. To get the attention of active curators, you can see a list of people who have recently resolved taxon flags here (last column), and perhaps @ mention one in the comments section of your unaddressed flag.

The “content author” is often blank when taxa were auto or mass-imported, and it has no bearing on whether a curator will or who will resolve the flag.

Note also that adding a missing conservation status (e.g. “Vulnerable in Country X”) and whether the taxon should be auto-obscured are two different changes, with the latter often requiring a more in-depth assessment and discussion. You can read more about when auto-obscuration should be implemented for at-risk taxa here:


Thank you! I also submitted an application for being a volunteer curator, just to not flood the curators, especially non-locals, with my requests - no response yet.

I don’t see any applications with your username or the email address associated with your iNaturalist account. Are you sure it went through?

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I supposed it did, but if not, I can do it again.

OK, thanks, and I’m sorry if it was a technical glitch. You used this page, correct? I checked spam and trash folders and can’t find it there either. When was this?

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Yes, I used exactly this site. I think I did it approximately one week ago.

Hello! I’m also noticing a bunch of species in my area that are special concern and don’t have a conservation status listed on iNaturalist. I’ve sent in an application to be a volunteer curator so I can help resolve these instead of just flagging and putting additional strain on the current curators, would it be possible for me to check that it went through? Thanks so much!

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Looks like there’s a bug with the curation submission form, I don’t see any emails from your account either. I submitted an application today and no email came through. Notified our developers. I do apologize, please hold off on submitting a new form until I get back to you.


OK, it’s been fixed - my application went through. But just in case there’s still a bug, I recommend saving your responses elsewhere in case you need to enter them again.


Hi everyone,
I will take advantage of this topic to make a suggestion. Even tough a species may have some threatened status worldwide, if that species has an invasive status in a given country, the feature to hide the precise location of its records should not be applied where it has that invasive status. For example the weakfish Cynoscion regalis in Portugal.

João Encarnação

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