On Farm Biodiversity

I am documenting the biodiversity on my farm. Its going to be a place (if i can figure out how to make/upload a kml) a project and its an umbrella project. My goal is to allow farmers to quantify and compare their farms to other farms in terms of biodiversity eventually creating verified farms that could leverage their biodiversity for payments or credits via a public marketplace


You can draw a place boundary in Google Earth, saving it as a kml/relevant file. Then iNat will accept your upload of this place if you go to the create-a-place menu and put it in.


Neat idea

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A friend of mine was getting a property tax exemption for raising sheep on her property. She decided to switch to an exemption for wildlife conservation (she sold the sheep). I set up an iNaturalist project for her. We were going to set it up as a place and do a collection project, but her observations would sometimes end up slightly outside the project area and she wouldn’t realize it. She decided it would be easier to do a traditional project and add the observations manually so we switched to that. https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/angell-acres-hardin-co-tx

I also created an umbrella for similar projects: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/big-thicket-private-property-umbrella


Very cool idea

If I may ask? Whereabouts is your farm? (Country)

I’ve done a similar project, though not for land which is strictly speaking a farm. If you want to take a page from my book, you are welcome



I did this because I am working on IDing everything in our forest, but I made the entire mountain a place and only auto - add from myself and another user who has come out to help ID (since I don’t do observations on other places within the boundaries). I am glad that is how I did it, because I did get a note from someone who was just going to go take a sample and wanted to make sure the location was accurate. When i imput the location as the place, it auto-centers it, so no, it’s not 100% accurate. Correct elevation, correct mountain, but not our spot. But this saved me from being trespassed and poached. Just something to keep in mind. It does happen, sadly. You may want to do similar to protect your privacy in case you find something interesting like I did. Or at least obscure your data, but sometimes I press obscure it doesn’t save as obscured, so I wanted another layer of protection.

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To insure all of the observations from my property are obscured I set it as a condition of the pinned location. When I select the pin I have set for my property it always comes up in the same spot, 15 m circle, and obscured. After that I scoot the circle over to the area of the property where it was or increase the size of the circle if I don’t remember where.

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US northern illinois

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