Creating projects on multiple places pinned to fragmented vegetation types

Hi All, I am getting into Biodiversity Disclosure Protocols and one of the challenges is deciding what are ‘material species’ and what aren’t. I know that one way to do this is to look at the vegetation type and see what taxa should be present, and look for them, count their numbers and report on those aspects of the Biodiversity Footprints. In South Africa we have a very good mapping system all the way from Biomes to fine scale vegetation units. I can get shape files for any of those, but I only know how to attach an iNat project to a single ‘place’ as delimited by a Google Earth kml file. If I can upload multiples I can then do taxon searches and develop checklists and identify species of conservation concern. I’d normally ask @tonyrebelo about this but I’ve been hogging his time recently so I decided to cast my net wide on the Forum.

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Steve Woodhall


i don’t understand what exactly you’re trying to do.

if you’re trying to upload a single place that is represented by multiple polygons or features, that’s possible.

if you’re trying to upload multiple places and then query by multiple places at once (while retaining the ability to query them individually, too), that’s possible, too.

if you’re trying to add multiple places in a single project definition, that’s also possible.

and if you’re trying to add one place per project and then combine the individual projects under one umbrella project, that’s also possible.

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