Same species appears twice in place checklist

see: dogwood thyatirid moth (appears twice)


here’s another one:

western tanager (before anyone questions the sightings…yes, I know that’s a rarity but I was a very very very lucky birder and hosted this guy for several weeks at my suet buffet, check out the multiple ebird accounts by all our local bird experts and myself if you’re suspicious)

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My guess is that this is one of the many bugs in Lists. I would use the Explore page to search for what’s been seen in a county, eg

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thanks, Tony. I had actually just discovered the places lists capability so I was just exploring when I stumbled upon that but now I’ll know how to search with the URL in the future.

I did not think this was supposed to be able to happen. Based on record numbers, they are 2 separate records.

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@tiwane- here is another.

If you try and edit something, like set to Endemic which needs to be done, you get an error saying it is already on the list.

I did not want to try deleting one instance until you guys review.

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Thanks Chris, I’ve added it to my report this week.

I’m browsing a checklist called “Indonesia Check List” and noticed that the species Salvia misella is listed twice, here and here.

Basically I was trying to edit the Establishment Means, but I got an error saying “There were problems updating that listed taxon: Taxon is already on this list” — likely due to the duplicate. I wonder what might’ve caused this? A taxon swap, maybe? In case I encounter this again in the future, what could/should a regular user like me do?


I am seeing a taxon swap from Salvia obscura to Salvia misella in early 2019, so you may be right that the duplicate originated that way. But I am guessing that issue is normally detected and prevented, otherwise I would expect to see the same issue happening a lot more on checklists.

I am not seeing anything even a curator can do about this at the moment. It may only be fixable by staff, or possibly by whoever originally added the taxon to that checklist.

It is a known problem, I’ve submitted several other examples.

I think the taxa change is a coincidence as the ones I found don’t seem to have had one.


Thanks for pointing out the earlier bug report! Turns out there was an even earlier one, under which I have now merged these later two, in the interest of keeping things tidy here on the Forum.

Summarizing the examples that still exist thus far:
Dogwood Thyatirid Moth in Ulster County NY
Arabian Toad in United Arab Emirates
Shorea acuminata in Malaysia
Salvia misella in Indonesia

@mira_l_b I wasn’t able to find any duplicate birds in Ulster County any more.


This is an interesting bug, thank you @jdmore and @cmcheatle for confirming this! I was confused because I thought I failed to see the option to edit them.

Another new one

Platform: Website
Browser: Chrome
In the Colombian Checklist this taxon is duplicated, for some reason this also prevents it from being edited.

is it possible to click the Editar taxones button, the select both of the entries, and then delete both of the entries? (you can add them back later, if they are actually deleted, i think.)

This is a known bug, there is a topic for it with other examples, I just cant find it.

Ok, I think I got it in the right place

Another example, in case it helps in debugging: Western skink in “Metolius Preserve” (Oregon)

Interestingly, it appears twice in “Plain View”

but only once in “Taxonomic View”

I also notice that when I export the checklist to csv, there are two entries, one for Plestiodon skiltonianus, and another for Plestiodon skiltonianus skiltonianus, so this may just be another bug related to the treatment of subspecies on iNat.

I’m a bit mystified as to how this species even got onto the checklist. I created this place in 2018, and imported several species lists, but no reptiles. This species has no observations, and the checklist export shows nothing under “adding_user_login” but a “created_at” date of 2021-09-10 for both entries.

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Salvia polystachya appears three times in the Mexican checklist (a default list, so I cannot delete any of the instances).

Same problem: it is not possible to change establishment means.