Online hydrophone livestreams?

For awhile, MBARI was streaming audio of their 900-meter-deep hydrophone off Monterey Bay on YouTube, and I was nerding out so, so hard about it. So, so, so, so hard. Particularly because I am a bred-in-the-bone night owl, and the very early hours of the morning seemed to be when all the mysticetes started vocalizing like crazy. But then they took the feed down… And I waited, and waited, and they never put it back up.

I know of a couple of hydrophones here in the Salish Sea that are streamed live, but they are in comparatively very shallow water and the noise pollution is unbearable for more than a few minutes at a time.

So I’m wondering if anybody on here knows of any other hydrophone livestreams that they’d be willing to share? Considering how little is really understood about the vocalizations/songs of whales in general, and mysticetes in particular, it would seem like an area where ‘citizen science’ could be a really useful tool. Plus it’s just super trippy to listen to :innocent:


Orcalab in Johnstone Strait in Canada has live webcams and hydrophone feeds:


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This is super cool, but it seems like it’s down and/or unavailable.
(hopefully we can drive a little traffic their way, and maybe that’ll bring their hydrophone back online :)

It’s been years since I’ve actually listened. I didn’t realize it was down. :(

Here are some more live hydrophone feeds, based out of the seattle area.


And this one often seas orcas. It’s near Lime Kiln which is across the strait from Victoria BC, in the San Juan Islands. I saw orcas there all the time.


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