Online hydrophone livestreams?


For awhile, MBARI was streaming audio of their 900-meter-deep hydrophone off Monterey Bay on YouTube, and I was nerding out so, so hard about it. So, so, so, so hard. Particularly because I am a bred-in-the-bone night owl, and the very early hours of the morning seemed to be when all the mysticetes started vocalizing like crazy. But then they took the feed down… And I waited, and waited, and they never put it back up.

I know of a couple of hydrophones here in the Salish Sea that are streamed live, but they are in comparatively very shallow water and the noise pollution is unbearable for more than a few minutes at a time.

So I’m wondering if anybody on here knows of any other hydrophone livestreams that they’d be willing to share? Considering how little is really understood about the vocalizations/songs of whales in general, and mysticetes in particular, it would seem like an area where ‘citizen science’ could be a really useful tool. Plus it’s just super trippy to listen to :innocent: