Only about 10 of my 404 observations are visible

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

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Step 1: go to My Observations

Step 2: only a few of my 404 observations are visible

Step 3:

Drag down from the top of the list, to “refresh”. It should show the “busy” indicator, while it loads any new observations since the last time it was refreshed…

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Thank you but that’s always the first thing I do. Unfortunately it is not working in this instance. :(

check wifi or data is enabled?

[edit] oh, I see… you mean the 404 that should be showing are not all showing…

try closing all apps and then restart phone?

Sorry if I was unclear. I have made 404 observations. I can only see a few under My Observations. I am not able to find all of my 404 observations. (Not trying to be snarky). I’ve refreshed, restarted my phone, etc… The app was working this morning but stopped this afternoon right after I posted my nudibranchs. Maybe the app has something against nudibranchs?


Maybe uninstall iNat and reinstall?

yeah, sorry, I’m not either! Just trying to guess at a solution. I would suggest waiting for the staff/developers to see this (they usually do within 24 hours) as they may have put out a change that is causing it… and they might want further details about your current install…

I can’t imagine nudibranchs being that troublesome! But who knows… maybe there is something glitchy with that particular image that just doesnt’t like something else in your phone’s setup…

…and I’m not even going to go near the irony of a 404th observation causing an error on the internet!


you could capture a log file and send it to that will allow staff to troubleshoot better probably. if you want to try resolving on your own, i would log out of the app and then log back in, of you haven’t already tried that.


when I look at your Obs, I see hundreds (very nice, btw). Do you have the region set to World or is it set more locally? I was missing seeing a lot of observations at one time because of that setting.


OPs problem I think is on the android app, not sure if that filters to a place like the website does…

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I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. All is well now. Thank you for your time and suggestions.