IDs of my observations by others not appearing on my Dashboard

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Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): I was away from iNat for several months (way too long!). With recent posts, some i.d.'s of my observations made by others do not show up on my Dashboard. I don’t see a pattern in which do and which don’t.

Step 1: As an example, look at my recent postings for:

Step 2: Look at my Dashboard and note that the i.d. (made 15 hours ago) has not appeared.

Step 3:

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It’s possible things are just delayed right now due to a lot of new places being added recently, which slows things down for everyone.

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Yes, a delay felt in a last week, but notifications appear sooner or later, so don’t worry too much about that, you won’t miss them!

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Thank you, @tiwane & @marina_gorbunova! I’ll be patient.


Any updates? I just added a comment to so I’m curious if a notification for that came through.

I see you replied to my comment - did you receive a notification on your dashboard?

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Hi @tiwane, I gave this a few days to see if anything shifted. Your comment did appear on my Dashboard. But the original i.d. (by poa) still has not appeared there.

If this is a single occurrence, it’s not a problem. But if it happens regularly or often, I’d love to find a workaround. I’m making a biolist for an area of the San Bernardino Mountains, and I hope not to miss any updated i.d.'s. from the community.

Thanks for your help!

@tiwane, good morning! I found another example of i.d.'s not appearing on my dashboard:

Comments appeared on the dash. Neither of the i.d.'s, which happened a couple of days ago, did. This observation has another quirk: though it has received three species-level i.d.'s, it still appears as “Needs ID.”

Your thoughts welcomed!

Did the notifications appear in the notifications icon in the header?

Looks like user wilh voted “yes” here, which is why the observation is still at Needs ID. You can either ask them to remove it (or ask them why they added it) and/or vote “no” here to make it RG.

Check out this thread for info about quality grade:

Hi @tiwane, following up on this question. I’m still running into the same problem with notification of community IDs not showing up, but have more info to add:

I know of four ways to receive notifications about community IDs of my observations (Dashboard and thought bubble on the web; Activity list and color change of the tab next to the species name on my Pixel phone); for quite a few of my observations that have received community i.d.'s, none of these notifications have appeared, even after several days. This is more typical when the community member has agreed with an i.d. I have made, but sometimes happens in other cases. Instead of receiving notifications, I happen upon the i.d. change when scanning my observations. (For recent observations, that’s totally fine; I’m concerned about i.d. changes to past observations, which I’d prefer not to miss.)

Is this simply a matter of iNat having so many observations that the system does not notify me of all the i.d.'s (understandable!)? Or is there something else going on (including the possibility of user error on my part)?

I’m glad for any further info you can offer. Thanks!

Looking at your account settings, you have confirming IDs turned off, so you should not receive notifications if someone adds an ID which confirms yours. You should be receiving notifications for IDs that don’t confirm yours (or are finer, like a ssp ID to your species ID), comments, and @ mentions of you on any observation which you’re following. The dashboard is already known to be fairly buggy and replacements are in the works, so there isn’t much we’re going to do about that. But you should be notified about those things in the speech bubble on the header. If you can point to a specific thing for which you received no notification, that’d be helpful for investigating it.

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Thanks so much for the info, Tony! If/when it happens again, I’ll let you know.