Option to automatically watermark images

Option to automatically watermark images to protect users photographs.

You can choose the rules and copywrite information if you edit your profile on the iNat website.


If it were a digital watermark embedded in the metadata I’d support that, but I’d rather not have the site add one on the visible image. I already watermark most of my images before posting them anywhere and there is something of an artistic choice in doing so. I don’t want something else slapped across the images, especially when it would likely be something different from the watermark I already apply to my images.

In addition, an automatically generated visible watermark would have the potential of obscuring parts of the observation that may be important for both proper identification and for training the Computer Vision AI.


Set up stricter copyrights (though no GBIF data from observations then) and uplod photos in lower resolution (iNat already does that, but originals still are available for download).

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i think this makes things more complicated while providing little benefit for most people. if you’re monetizing your photos, you’re probably already taking your own actions to protect your own photos, and those protections will probably be better than anything that it makes sense for iNaturalist to implement.

i don’t think that’s exactly true. if you load a photo larger than 2048 pixels tall or wide, iNaturalist will resize it to a maximum of 2048 pixels tall or wide, whichever is the larger dimension. so the largest image you’ll be able to retrieve from iNaturalist will be 2048 pixels tall or wide.


I watermark photos for my blog posts. It is easy to do with available free software.

But I prefer iNat photos not to lose useful information under a watermark.


Right, just checked, it calls it “original” but it’s still smaller.


There are watermarking apps and programs out there so this is not a functionality iNaturalist needs to add. I’m going to close this request.