Option to only display unsync observations in the app


When reviewing my observations, it would be really useful to only display unsync observations in the app. A lot of more difficult species can take a longer time to ID and sometimes I have to scroll far back in the list of observations to find those observations for which an ID is still required. In my specific case, the app crashes about every 2-3 IDs, so I have to scroll back from the beginning each time. Thus, being able to only scroll through the unsync observations or observations needing an ID would be really helpful (even if the app was not crashing).

Alternatively, is there a way to sync observations, but keep them private until I have the time to review them for ID and then submit them to the community once I have an ID?


Would showing them first in the list of observations be enough?

Yes, that would be good too. I should just upvote your request then?

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