Make the viewing options/search consistent in Android app

The Android app seems a little inconsistent with how it handles the search and display. These two issues are related, so I did one feature request. I’m never sure if I should submit these as feature requests or bugs, since they don’t seem to entirely fit either category.

Viewing Options
When viewing “My Observations” it shows the observations and species tab both in grid view with large thumbnails by default which is great. When in “Explore” the observation tab is also in grid view, but the species tab is only available in list view which is of limited usefulness on small displays like phones and tablets. It doesn’t let you visually browse the species at all. It would be better to have these browsing options consistent within the app and ideally have the option of grid, list, and map view with sorting options available too… like on the website.

Searching in App
When in “Explore” the search works just like it does on the website. I start entering something and a drop-down populates letting me select the taxa I want. The search results show everything in that taxa.

But, when searching in “My Observations” the search doesn’t auto-populate with options to select from. It seems to be doing some kind of keyword search with strange results. If I type in “flies” or “diptera” it doesn’t show me all my observations from that taxa, but seemingly some observations with the word fly or flies in some field… but not all of the observations like that. Then there are other things in the search results like an “eastern amberwing” where I can see nothing anywhere in the observation with the word flies that should have made it come up with a keyword search. I think it would be much better if searching “my observations” just used the same search method as searching in the “explore” tab, but filtered to show only our own observations. If it also had the more flexible display and sorting options like mentioned above that would be perfect.