Option to show your images in the Species view of Explore

It would be nice if I could choose to have my images displayed in the “Species” pages instead of a random picture taken from the database.
I like both options to be there, the first one to see my specific images and the second to see different images of the species as additional learning experience.

Anybody could add and remove photos. Look for the Curation block on the right and then Edit Photo. Please note that you should take care in not removing photos that were added by someone else to illustrate a particular feature.

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in the species page you can “View Yours” to see your own observations of that taxa, and then view that list by grid form

Just to be clear, by “species page”, I assume you mean this one. If so, it doesn’t show random pictures - it shows whatever is the current default image for each taxon. This means the chosen image usually won’t be associated with any particular observation. And I think this makes sense, because “species view” is meant to show an aggregated list of taxa, rather than observations.

If you want to see your own pictures, you can click the “n observations” link at the bottom of the image to get a list of all your observations of that taxon. My only gripe about this is that it would be much nicer if the link was automatically opened in a new tab and showed the observations in grid form rather than as a flat list.

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Thank you to all. Yes I am aware of the possibility to look at my observations but I would have liked that the taxon in my species list was not represented by the current default image but by one of my images of the taxon (taken from any of my observations). Anyway I agree it is not a major “need”.


ah, I think I’m confused… you mean the species TAB under “Your Observations”? I read species page as meaning taxa page!

Yes the species tab!