Include the species name on the login page

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the photos on the login page, even lingering there way more than usual… lol… I often see new (to me) organisms, and find myself craving to know what I’m looking at. Could you guys maybe add that, besides the place and photographer’s credit? I think it would be very educational for many of us! Thanks.

It’s been requested before without any response. A little note that shows us what we’re (periodically forced to be) looking at would be great.

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Just FYI: You can see the ID in the observation itself by clicking on the name after the “photo by” line.

It would be nice to see it without clicking, however, like it is on the banner on the pre-login page (but I think in the case of those 4 banner photos, the text may be static and part of the picture, instead of pulling from the observation).

I say this because actually visiting the banner example observation above shows it has been IDed to genus, not just “mantid”.


Thank you for the tip. And I do agree: It would be nicer if we could see it without having to click or leave the login page.

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Yes! I’ve never understood why species isn’t included on these photos!

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Minor housekeeping note that I changed the title to contain an “action verb”.



Hey, it looks like it’s there now!


Indeed!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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Yup, thanks for the suggestion folks. I’ll close this now.