Own picture in the discription of a species?

In a description of a species there are images of the species from different observers. What is used to decide wich observation images are in the description of a species? Or what can I do so that my picture is in the description of the species

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The taxon photos can be chosen/changed by any user. However, given these photos are meant to be a good representation of that entire taxon, and that many people will use these photos to compare to their own and help make identifications, there are a set of criteria that these photos should fufill. These include things like being high resolution, showing the entire organism in shot, depicting multiple important diagnostic characters, etc. For your photos to be displayed on the taxon page of a species, they should fulfill these criteria.

You can read some good discussions about this topic at https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/reminder-taxon-photos-should-include-multiple-life-stages/23852 and https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/what-makes-a-good-animal-taxon-photo/6739.

A good way to get your photos onto these pages is to observe rare species! Common species have thousands and thousands of photos to select from, so unless yours are extremely high quality, they’re unlikely to be chosen. Observing rare species with very few (or zero for unobserved taxa) photos will increase your chances.


Also, bear in mind that even if your photo makes it to be the icon photo for the species, it may quite likely get knocked off that position in a few weeks by someone else who thinks a different image is better still, for whatever reason.


In addition to what others have said you should consider why you want you photo to be the one for the description of the organism.

  • Is it because you genuinely have a better photo?

  • Is it because the taxon currently doesn’t have a photo?

  • Is it because you just want to see your photo there and have other people know it’s your photo?

If it’s either of the first two reasons, then that’s fine, but if it’s the latter reason then it’s not a change that should be made.


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And I just want to add an observation I made if I think its a good representative foto for the species.
How can a user choose or change a taxon photo?

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Ok thanks

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