Out_of_range = FALSE?

I just did a download of all my observations to do a bit of data quality checking. Among them, I found 6 observations that had out_of_range set to FALSE. I have looked at the observations, and can’t work out why this is. They all have locations, they don’t have down-marked locations in the data quality fields, they are not wildly off geographically… I think they are all introduced, but these are not by any means the only introduced species I have obs for…

The observation numbers are 19583563, 21192524, 21192526, 21223756, 21224048 and 21275741.

I don’t know what it means, nor how it was set. Any ideas or info highly appreciated!

If out_of_range is set to false, that means the observation is where the species is known/expected to be. Out_of_range set to true means a species that isn’t where it’s expected to be. So it sounds like these are fine – the ones I’d be looking at are the ones where it’s set to true.