Pacific Northwest Coast (zone)

Only yesterday I was able to call up Pacific Northwest Coast zone or something quite close to it in explore mode (see below), which was exactly what I was looking for.

But today the closest I can get is Pacific Northwest Coast (see below).

Does anyone have any idea what has changed, or how I can get the first custom map back in explore mode?


There were two places using the same name (“Pacific Northwest Coast”). I edited the name of the smaller region (curators can’t edit places as huge as the zone) to be “Pacific Northwest Coast Region.” This change may take a few minutes to finish.

You can search for either in the search bar on the top left, and click “View Observations” in the drop-down menu to see observations within the place in Explore.


Hi Rynxs,

Thanks! I can’t seem to call it up yet, but perhaps it is still brewing somewhere in the belly of the site. In point of fact neither now comes up by search (in explore), but if I plug in the URL I had included in the original post, I see the name change you initiated on the smaller region.

Are you able to see what the place ID for the larger region is? If so I’ll just use that in the URL.

In the “places” screen the only observations that come up seem to be ones associated with projects linked to the map.


from the web Explore page, this is the best way to filter by a particular place that has been added to iNaturalist:


Amazing. Thanks so much.
I should have thought of that.

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