Page title on observation detail page does not follow local common name preferences

Platform : Website
Browser : Firefox 84.0.1
URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: For example, choose any observation here:

Screenshots of what you are seeing :

Description of problem :
The common name displayed in the tab’s title bar for Phasianus colchicus does not match the name displayed on the page. i.e. ‘Ring-necked Pheasant’ vs ‘Common Pheasant’. The problem may apply to other taxa but I haven’t been able to confirm it.

Step 1:
It could be a language display issue so select these language/display settings in account/profile settings:

Locale: English
Prioritize common names used in this place: United Kingdom
Show common names: Yes (ticked).
Show scientific names first: No (unticked).

Step 2:
Click any observation here:

Step 3:
Compare title bar and page and notice difference in common name used.


Looking at the page for the taxon ( ) I see that both of these are listed under English as common names for this bird, as are two more. I don’t know how the system prioritises which common name to use in this situation, but it appears the method for the title bar and the page itself are different.

I noticed that too, when you open observation of Strix uralensis main Russian name is Длиннохвостая неясыть, but webpage says it’s Уральская неясыть.

Common Pheasant is prioritized for the UK, so that’s why it would show up for you when you look at observations.

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 3.19.54 PM

I suppose it shows the default name on the tab (apparently Ring-necked Pheasant), but I’m not sure where that’s decided. I don’t have this problem because all observations appear as Ring-necked Pheasants to me.

Thanks everyone. I assumed it was something to do with language preferences but I couldn’t find another species to confirm it!