Page updates slow

This has happened the last two times I tried to do sound observations: I have observations on my iphone that have no pictures and no ID and upload them. Next I go to my observations and select the “?” type to display only unidentified observations. I try again… and again… and again. After 5-10 minutes they finally show up. I can them proceed to add the sounds and IDs. This make it very difficult to do sound observations, since I need to see the observation on the web in order to add the sound.

Also after I add the sounds and IDs, it takes another 5-10 minutes before the observations show up as such in the lists. It didn’t used to be this way. I’ve done tons of sound observations.

Can you share screenshots of what you’re referring to?

Hi @dan_johnson, if you’re still running into this issue, please open a new bug report with some screenshots/examples. Thanks!