Species name not appearing on list of observations

Platform: iOS

App version number: 3.2.1 build 689

Description of problem:

Step 1: I have a backlog of observations marked “unknown” on the list of observations, and I’ve been trying to suggest identifications for each of them.

Step 2: When I so, the name is updated in the observation itself, but when I go back to the list of observations, it is still marked “unknown.” This remains the case even after I refresh the list.

Step 3: The outcome is that I don’t know which observations have ID’s and which don’t, such that I waste much time clicking on observations marked “unknown,” only to find they’ve already been identified.

can you please provide a screenshot to illustrate the problem

Sorry about this, but the problem doesn’t seem to be repeating at the moment. But when it does happen, the list of observations looks like this:

While the observation will look like this, but instead of saying “Unknown” beneath the picture, it will have an identification I’ve suggested.

It seems like the ID I’ve suggested isn’t getting exported from the individual observation to the list of observations. I refresh the list multiple times, and it doesn’t update. If there are 50-odd unknown observations I’m trying to update, it can double the amount of time it takes.

Can you link to one problem obs?

Skimming your obs I see no Unknowns.

They are pretty far down the observation list, from May. One is below.

I just went in and suggested ID’s for a few, and those ID’s were immediately reflected in the observation list. Yesterday morning, none were. Every time I suggested an ID, then went back to the observation list, it was still listed as “unknown.” Even after I refreshed the list.

I suspect it may be because the system was slow due to large number of people using it. In any case, I had a half hour set aside to suggest ID’s for all my unidentified observations but couldn’t due to the glitch in the system.

Thanks so much for your attention and apologies for the hassle!

PS: herre’s the unknown observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/164418635

Here’s an example where the problem repeated this morning.

The observation is marked “unknown” in the list, but identified as a Chinese pistache within the observation.