Part of exported data contains advertisements

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue: Vivaldi - Chromium

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Description of problem

I tried to download data through export tool and part of downloaded table contains weird advertisements:

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And also others. Simply some rows in exported table contain Whatsapp numbers and other weird text. It does not look very safe. Has somebody experienced similar issue? Is export tool hacked?

Thanks for answers!


I’m not sure if anything has been hacked, but… E.g.

Is marked as spam and I’d have thought it (and others like it) would (should) not be included in the export


The data export tool hasn’t been hacked, but that text is in the description field in an observation marked as spam above by @0x4372616967

It’s a good point about spam. This observation was downgraded to casual but casual observations can still be accessed via the data export tool on iNat. Since spam observations are inherently fraudulent, there’s a case to be made for excluding them from any kind of export, I think.


Thanks for clarification.

Made an issue here: