Export Observations not returning results

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

It isn’t clear to me just what is going on here. But let me describe just what I did. This ought to have worked because I have done exactly the same steps (with the same URL, even, I think) in the past successfully.

I did the following search: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual%2Cresearch&verifiable=any&field:Interaction->Visited%20flower%20of=&place_id=42%2C48%2C51%2C52339&taxon_ids=47157,47201,47822,47208&without_taxon_id=47336

It returns 64,515 results.

Then, in the filters menu, I selected “Download”. In the past this has successfully generated an export of the same results. But this time, it pulled up the following search URL quality_grade=any&identifications=any&place_id=42%2C48%2C51%2C52339&without_taxon_id=47336
… and reported zero results. Why?

I also added “Butterflies and Moths” via the search tools on the Export page, which gave the following:
and 37,447 results. Notice that the place IDs have now disappeared!

But it will not allow manually adding taxon_ids=47157,47201,47822,47208 to the URL – I have successfully done exports with multiple taxon ids in the past.

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Any news on this? Export is still not working. It’s a pretty important feature.

I wrote up a Github issue here: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/4038

I don’t get zero results, I get about 186k (after the observations load).

Thank you for working on this! It seems to me that not only do the params not carry over via the “Download” link from the ordinary iNat search URL, but trying to add them from the Export search page is screwy as well.

How long did it take for the observations to load? I’ve been waiting 20 minutes.

A few minutes. Are you able to open your browser’s console and send a screenshot of it? It might show errors that the browser is encountering.

Dunno if the top of the list is relevant but the last 2 items clearly are – the places are causing a problem. My filter is place_id=42,48,51,52339

I tried loading a query without any place filter, and it’s still screwy, and there is still an error relating to google maps.

Hi – any progress working on this? I suppose there’s no point in me griping about how much this problem is hindering my work, because no one else has commented so apparently not very many people use the export function. But still, it’d be nice.

At least it is working somewhat – I just have to export hundred of thousands of observations instead of hundreds, and use other software to filter them. That’s a problem for you, too, isn’t it, since large exports tie up your servers.

Sorry to be a pest!

i’m not sure what you’re trying to do exactly, but there are other ways to get data out of the system. for example, the notebook mentioned here can get observation data via the API: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/whats-the-best-way-to-share-python-code-nowadays/48554.

Should be fixed now. I get about 83k for https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/export?verifiable=any&page=1&spam=false&quality_grade=needs_id%2Ccasual%2Cresearch&field%3AInteraction->Visited+flower+of=&place_id[]=42&place_id[]=48&place_id[]=51&place_id[]=52339&taxon_ids=47157%2C47201%2C47822%2C47208&without_taxon_id=47336&user_id=&project_id=

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