Patswain recovering from accident

Patswain, a generous teacher and identifier of plants in the northeast, has had a terrible accident. Her bicycle was hit by a car. She has multiple broken bones and is finding it difficult to get on iNat due to the injury. Perhaps any of you who also know her could drop her a note with good wishes.

If anyone know her in real life and can suggest how to help at a distance, please let me know .




I don’t know her, but I will pray for her recovery.


Speedy recovery, Patswain!


I don’t know her either but I have had the benefit of her identifications - hoping for a full and fast recovery.


Thank you for posting about this! I do know her and will drop her a card! Maybe give her a call! Poor Pat, I’m so glad she is on iNaturalist.


Welcome to the Forum!
Although the name seems familiar, I can’t say I had any interactions with her. As a lifelong cyclist I think I can somewhat understand the pain (and anger) she will be feeling. So, as a fellow Cyclist, and member of iNat I wish her an uncomplicated recovery. I’ve only had a broken collar bone, concussions, and several minor but painful injuries from riding, so I can at least empathize.

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Oh NOOO! I know Pat well, we worked together for years. I will definitely send her a card - thanks for telling us.


Thanks for letting us know!

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I don’t but I wish her all the best for a speedy recovery. I’ve been twice sidelined in bike accidents, and it’s no fun, at all.


aww this is so sad to hear. Perhaps she can do some road inatting when more recovered…

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