Stats of 2022. Generation question

Last year I carried out the statistical analysis of my profile offered by the platform on December 31, this year I did it at the beginning of this month when they authorized it. At the beginning of December it marked me that I had made 730 observations, throughout the month of December I have generated more observations but these have not been counted in the stats when I re-enter my personal statistics. That is, the statistics are only performed once and are unchangeable?

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You can refresh the stats.

The button to refresh your stats is at the very bottom of your summary (see image). You can do it as often as you like-- even next year if you want to be safe.


Follow-up question: do the state reflect observations observed in that year or uploaded in that year. I did a lot of archival observations from pre-iNat this year; will they be in this year’s stats, or the stats from the long-ago year they were observed, or not in any stats at all?

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It’s observed in that year. I’ve also recently uploaded a bunch of archival photos from past years, and they don’t show up in the count for 2022. Plus I can create a year-end summary for years before I created my account (just change the url to a different year) that reflects these older observations.

I actually do this regularly with my old years stats, because species count does change do to IDers activities :-)

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