New observations not showing up in year in review

In the past few days I recently uploaded some observations from August through December 2022, and I decided to regenerate stats for my year in review 2022 for fun. I noticed, though, that none of those observations showed up in the Growth section or the Newly Added Species section. They do show up in the Species Observed pie chart, though. I wonder whether it’s because I uploaded those observations in January of 2023. Has anyone else bumped into this issue?

I was under the impression that observations uploaded after year end don’t get counted as the wording in the email from iNaturalist was
“Do you still have observations from earlier this year to upload? Add them this month to make it in the 2022 Year in Review!”
That said, I just hit the “regenerate stats” button at the very bottom of the “your year in review” page and it updated the total number of observations and species to include some that I uploaded after 31 December.
It still seems to be a bit off the total number of observations for the year - if I filter my observations, I have about 130 more than showing in the review. I also didn’t see the most recently uploaded observations in the “newly added” section. I checked one December observation uploaded in 2023 and it does indeed show in the pie chart but not in the newly added species section (although that section doesn’t show all of the newly added ones and there’s no option to load the remaining ones).

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Another thing that may affect what’s included is casual observations. I noticed some parts of the Year in Review apply to all observations, but others only include research grade or verifiable observations.

Can you provide URLs to some of these observations?

Oh yeah, here’s one from August ( and one from December (

On stats it looks like this:

But they do show up in the pie chart (eg., the one from December, the 'ohelo 'ai):

Oh also, I just generated 2023 personal stats, and all the species I observed from August - December seem to be counted in January of 2023 for the Growth chart but not for the species pie chart. I wonder if observations retroactively uploaded for a previous year also get added to the year in which they were uploaded for the overall iNat year in review.

Double-checked and some graphs are based on the observed_on date while others are based on the created_at date, thus the discrepencies. So, not really a bug but I think we should make it consistent for next year.


Ah gotcha, thanks for the help! :)