Phantom datapoints

Hi all,

I have research graded every Coniontis observation (except for a few I casualed) and recently also annotated all specimens to “adult” (larvae are rarely seen and next to impossible to ID normally). However, on the life stage graph on its taxon About page, there is a gray line showing supposedly unannotated observations. For example, currently for February it says 6 adult, 2 unannotated; however clicking the gray dot on that line takes me to a page with only 6 Coniontis visible. I made sure the two mysterious specimens were not casual observations, since I annotated all of those too. Is anyone aware of the cause, and whether this is a technical bug?


I get 8 :

Are you remembering to remove the term_id element from the serch/url?

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I got eight too now, thanks for the help.

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