Why does my list say "0 out of 15 observed"

…when I have observed some of them?

It looks like this:

Screenshot 2022-01-15 9.39.58 AM

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As far as I can tell, the site no longer supports that particular function in user-defined lists. It used to be that you could click Edit and it would let you refresh the species (i.e. look for observations you might have), but I can’t find that anymore. The most recent list I’ve set up shows 0 out of 11 observed, when I’ve actually got observations of all of them. A couple of older lists I’ve got show the older observations still linked, but I can’t figure out how to do the refresh.


I don’t understand what that top line (with the gray leaf/bird) indicates. It doesn’t seem to be the number identified to species, or not identified to species. It’s just always some number less than the total.

Also, what does “leaves” mean under Rank? I thought it meant “not species” (though that should be branches or stems), but some with species names are included when you filter by that.

Every taxon branch end point.

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That gray line used to mean how many of the species in the list you have observations for. It was always a bit slow - you’d often have to manually refresh species to get observations to show up there. It doesn’t seem to mean anything these days – when they came up with the new lifelists, they stopped supporting some aspects of the regular lists.

Leaves refer to any taxon which you have observations for, that you don’t have any finer scale observations of. So, if you had observations at Empidonax sp., and no species-level IDs, then Empidonax would be a leaf. If you had one observation of Empidonax fulvifrons, then the Empidonax sp. wouldn’t be considered a leaf. One thing to note – if you look at the leaderboard for species observed, the numbers will typically be lower than expected. Leaf counts are more computationally intensive than species counts, so on the leaderboards, they don’t run them.

But on the life list they should be the same, right?

The leaf thing makes sense, thanks.

On the new life lists (the Dynamic Life List), they don’t use that graphic. On the older lifelists, I think they’ve stopped updating them. (I’m not sure – I think I deleted that list, since it was redundant.)

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