Phenology records suddenly not reflected in Plant Phenology graphs

Starting a couple of months ago I noticed that phenological observations as reflected in the taxon page plant phenology graphs suddenly disappeared. Slowly they are getting repopulated by a very small amount of data, evidently by only recent phenology scorings so that 2020 and earlier observations don’t show up. I had some students do several hundred iNaturalist phenology scorings that are not reflected… they are still on the individual observations and I suppose can be accessed through the API, but it’s too bad that the at-a-glance taxon pages are no longer as useful for this purpose.

Was there some big database rebuild involved with messing up these phenology graphs? And will they get updated to reflect all scorings at some point?


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It helps if you give particular examples and screenshots of what you’re seeing.
The most common cause of phenology charts not showing what you expect is that you have a place filter turned on – compare the screenshots below.

If that’s not your issue, a few more details can probably help us work out what is.


Sorry to hear this is happening! I spend a lot of time filling out the phenology annotations on my observations and other people’s, so I sure hope this can be fixed.


Wow – thanks for pointing out the filter. Whew – I had a filter on Mexico that must be months old that I never noticed. Sorry for the trouble – was worried our work was gone!