Wrong count for "No Annotation" on taxon page Plant Phenology graph

Each taxon page for a plant species (such as this page for Triteleia crocea ) shows a graph of Plant Phenology associated with observations for each month. Users can associate multiple phenologies (Budding / Flowering / Fruiting) with an observation because some plants will have multiple phases present at the same time.

Phenology stats show up fine on the graph, but the display algorithm makes a wrong assumption for the “No Annotations” figure for each month. Specifically, the algorithm appears to assume that the “No Annotations” figure can be calculated by subtracting the sum of all three phenology counts from the total observation count. In the case shown, iNat has calculated that 4 total obs - (4 flowering + 4 budding + 1 fruiting) = -5 obs with “No Annotation”.

I’m hoping that it is quick fix to have the algorithm generate the correct number by making an additional call to find the count of records for this taxon and month that have no associated annotations. If you can fix this, that will better allow users to discover and check observations that are missing annotations.


Several other possible fixes to this display:

  1. Display the phenology options in their logical/conventional sequence: Budding, Flowering, Fruiting (this also applies to phenology input fields). This just conforms to user expectations and makes interpreting the output easier.
  2. Use colors better aligned with users’ expectations. Obviously each phenology has a whole range of colors in different species, but I’m going to suggest that users would associate green more with Budding and orange/red with Fruiting. Then pick some contrasting color for flowering – Blue is fine.
  3. Add a total observation count in the box that appears on mouseover. So for the example given, the header would be something like “4 Observations Total in July”. This allows a user to make some sense of the phenology stats.
  4. Maybe don’t show “No Annotation” in the mouseover when the count is zero for that month.
  5. More explicitly, calculate a percentage for each phenology state and display it in in the mouseover box. Again, if a phenology state has zero associated observations for that month, then 0 should be fine (no need to also show “0%”). In the example I used, this would show something like this:
  • Budding: 4 (100%)
  • Flowering: 4 (100%)
  • Fruiting: 1 (25%)

[EDIT: I realize now that several of these are likely feature requests, but if someone’s going to dig into this code I thought I might as well ask…]

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It looks like the negative annotation count has been fixed recently. Thanks! None of the suggested feature upgrades were added but we live in hope.