Add filter panel to taxon pages

I find the taxon pages very useful and the Phenology graphs (Flowering, Fruiting, In Bud) excellent. The current filter is by country which is great for abundant wild observations, but (because of the hidden verified/research grade filter operating) is very limiting for rare species and fails for species only in cultivation.

So for the Threatened Metrosideros bartlettii ( there are only 6 records from the wild, and no phenology data.

From the taxon page, we can’t see that this species is in cultivation and that there is good phenology data available across 48 obs. And we can’t display this phenology on the taxon page.

Much worse, for things in cultivation/captivity only, we are told on the taxon page that there are no observations, which is quite misleading and you have to do a major rummage from there to discover those obs.

This would all be solved if the filter panel (used on the obs pages) was also on the taxon pages.