Photo Analyzer to Prevent Duplicate Obs


I apologize in advance if someone has already mentioned this or if there is some way to do this that I do not know. Sometimes I find a photo that I feel did not make it to iNaturalist, but I have to go searching through my observations to prevent making a duplicate observation. This takes a while, and I was wondering if it would be possible to have a code that could compare the photo(s) from a new observation with old observations. I was thinking that the code could compare the new photo with old observations observed about the same time as the new upload was taken. That would save the code from having to look through every observation.
If this is possible, then I was thinking a notification would warn users of a possible duplicate, but still allow the photo to be submitted. (I often have photos with multiple observations worth of data.) Maybe it could save a step and compare what the possible duplicates were identified as. If they are identified as different things, then it is probably not a duplicate.



Yes actually! See:

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I hope they do it. It would be a nice feature.


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