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I can’t find it now (edit: I found it!), but I remember seeing an observation of a eucalypt a while ago, and the photos were awesome because the observer had taken the time to basically photoshop labels that pointed to diagnostic features all over them.

I think it’d be really cool to be able to do that in iNaturalist itself—for example, to label diagnostic features or to point out something odd or even just to ask for more information or help about a feature (e.g. is this a sepal or a petal?). It’d be good if an identifier could also annotate someone else’s photo in the same way.

I guess I envisage a system a bit like Facebook’s face tagging feature (minus the auto-recognition, although that could be cool too) where labels or clickable hotspots pop up when you hover over the image.

Note: Moved from Feature Requests to General on March 15, 2019

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Add interactions to species pages
Add descriptions attached to individual photos
Assign metadata to individual photos such as flowers, leaves, fruit
Add a DQA choice for "survey" photos

We’ve talked about something similar with tagging and zooming but… “annotations” in a photo are a great idea too.



Agreed, a very useful idea. Wikimedia has had that for a while, eg
where you can label regions in an image (seen when you hover the mouse over the image).

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This is definitely something we’ve discussed and want try out. Probably, alas (because it would be cool!), less of a priority than the revamps of notifications, observations search, and some other big things mentioned here.

@crellow, because this is something the iNat team already plans on trying out, do you mind if I move this to the General category so people can discuss it but not vote on it?



@tiwane That’s fine. :) Feel free to move it.



A very useful feature if the annotations can be toggled on & off from various identifiers.

How does iNat plan to deal with immature humour regarding these annotations, such as a bent over bird with a rude drawing? Would flagging such behaviour automatically remove the annotation?



same as anything else, if it’s bad data or lewd pretty harshly, because this isn’t reddit or whatever. people already occasionally do horrible things already, like racially charged animal IDs of humans, and anyhow is a drawing going to be any worse than certain photos that could appear here? Thankfully the site is low on people posting pictures of human mating behavior, or at least they get deleted fast.

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Let’s face it, it’s not possible to prevent someone from posting that sort of stuff entirely. There will always be some idiots. Therefore the best first defense is surely to make it as easy as possible to report it and get it blocked when it happens.