Photo curation question: Where do the non-highlighted photos go?

I enjoy curating the photos for various taxa to make sure that there are high-quality images. While doing this, I’ve noticed that, even though you can add up to 12 photos, it only ever shows 4 (or 5). What happens to the other 8 (or 7) images? When I click on view more, it doesn’t highlight the 12 curated images. It just does a search and shows all images.

Is there another spot where all 12 images are highlighted? Note: I know that not all taxon will have 12 images. I just used that as an example. The question is basically for any taxon that has more images curated than the preview will show.

Taking this taxon as an example, when you click on the main image, it will open a dialog where you can cycle through all of the chosen photos. These photos won’t necessarily be associated with a particular observation, though, since they can also come from external sources (such as Wikipedia). By contrast, clicking on “View More” will only show photos from observations, and they can be ordered either by faves or date added. So even if a taxon photo does come from an observation, there’s no guarantee that it will appear near the beginning of the “View More” list.

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Thank you! That’s the response I was looking for. It will cycle through them all, you just can’t see them all at once.

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