Visual glitch with default photos on taxon pages


Hello. I’m not sure how well I could explain this, but up until recently, the pages for higher-level taxa would display seven images like so:

If a taxon page has less than 8 images manually assigned to it, it will still display seven with the additional images coming from the subordinate taxa. For example, even though Solanaceae has only two photos set to its page, it still displays seven, with the additional five coming from the subordinate the subordinate genera and species. But recently I noticed that if a taxon page has less than eight images custom set to the page, it will display it like this:

This really should not be happening, and this may seem like a small issue, but it’s personally a little irksome because I have spent a lot of time arranging photos fro higher-level taxa, and now a lot of that work is being obscured.

Anyone else notice this? What’s going on?



I’m not seeing this for anymore. If you have more examples, please provide URLs and screenshots.



If there are 8 or fewer photos, it displays with a main, large photo.
If there are 9 or more photos, it displays the grid mode.

Higher taxa should always display the grid mode, IMO, and pull from the default subordinate taxa photos when available, as before.

Another example


whereas adding a photo


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