Photo is half white on thumbnail, but not on photo

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Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

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Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): The thumbnail on the observation has a white area covering the bottom half or so of the photo.
Clicking on the thumbnail to bring up the photo, or going to the photo information page, shows no white.

Step 1: Look at the photo thumbnail

Step 2 : Click on the photo

This is similar to the bug report


:astonished: It’s like a photo negative of the bug I see!
We both even have a line of the discolored area at the top that doesn’t go all the way across.

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The bug is not restricted to you ;p

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I used to have this issue with images occasionally on photos uploaded during that time. Both this and the other photo were uploaded over 5 yrs ago. Staff thought it might have been related to connectivity issues during uploading. I haven’t run into the issue for years.


It’s just odd for an upload issue that 3/4 of the photo sizes are correct.
If it was an upload issue, shouldn’t it affect all image sizes, or at least the original size?

If one physical machine was creating the different sizes from an “original” image already successfully uploaded to a different physical machine (both at iNat’s end), and there was a temporary connectivity issue between the two machines, that could explain why not all sizes were affected.

@ydobon Since the “original” size (available on the photo information page) is unaffected, you could download that from iNat and then add it to the observation as an additional photograph, then delete the faulty version from the observation, to fix things here.

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I will let the observer know this (I am not the observer of the bugged photo)


I fixed the bug on the observation. It might be related to data being corrupted when creating the resized image (effect is similar to data moshing, you can try it easily).
To fix the problem you simply have to go to the image page and click on “Repair broken URLs”. It will then recreate the images for the different sizes and fix the problem as the data won’t be corrupted anymore. It won’t update the browser cache so you sometimes need to clear it by pressing Ctrl +F5.


I tried making a duplicate observation and the error doesn’t follow the duplicate, so that’s another option I guess.
Going to check later if duplicating the photo within the same observation (which you can do from within the Android iNat app; I don’t know if the iPhone iNat app has the same option) is another solution.

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Mine looks fixed now too, so I didn’t get a change to go down that troubleshooting avenue.

[addendum: fixed for me. The person who first alerted me still sees it cut off]