Dark area on thumbnail, but not on photo

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Southern Dewberry (Rubus trivialis) from 4200 Smith School Drive Austin, TX 78744 on March 01, 2017 at 02:13 PM by Star D. · iNaturalist

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Description of problem
The thumbnail on the observation has a dark area covering the bottom third or so of the photo.
Clicking on the thumbnail to bring up the photo, or going to the photo information page, shows no shadow.

Per comments on the observation, other users see the error as well:

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Odd. I see the same thing.


A glitch during uploading?

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Couldn’t say ( I uploaded it in 2017, and my memory isn’t that good) but I doubt it, because the photo itself (when you click the “i” icon) is fine.

So the thumbnail’s image source is fine, but the thumbnail is not.


Photo 6426800, (c) Star D., all rights reserved, uploaded by Star D. · iNaturalist

Look like only the “large” version of the photo is glitched.


Yep, original is fine.
Clicking thumbnails usually opens the medium size, and that is also fine.

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i’m not sure exactly how the rotate function works in the system, but you could try rotating the photo, and see if that fixes the large version of the file somehow.

Good suggestion! Unfortunately, didn’t work. :frowning:

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hmmmm… i guess that means you’d have to reload the photo to get a clean version then…

I doubt that I can. It was from 2017, and I had a different phone then.
I could be wrong but since I’ve good images on the other sizes, so this seemed more like a platform-side issue than an upload problem to me.

You can download the “original” version of the photo from your observation and then reupload it.

Same thing is happening with a different observation, but it is white instead of dark : https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/photo-is-half-white-on-thumbnail-but-not-on-photo/40538/2

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Yeah, but I’d rather not do that before/until staff weighs in, especially as I’m not the only one experiencing the issue (see @ydobon 's link)

Thinking about it further, I could also:

  • duplicate the observation and see if the issue occurs in the duplicate.
  • duplicate the photo within the same observation (there’s an option to do that in the Android app) and see if it happens on the “new” photo.
    There’s a few troubleshooting options I could try.

Okay, made a duplicate (don’t worry; I’ve already deleted it) and the issue doesn’t follow it:

I left my phone in another location, so I can’t try duplicating the photo with the observation until a bit later.

Per the other issue, another fix is to use “Repair broken URLs”. I’m wondering if the only options are observer actions, though.I know @bouteloua said this issue hasn’t been seen in a while; what happens if I discover an old observation wit the issue and the observer is no longer active to edit the observation and resolve it?

It’s nota huge deal if they can’t, I suppose (you can still view the complete pic at other sizes), but these are the types of things I think of. :slightly_smiling_face:

Or at all, because it looks like it’s somehow fixed now.

[addendum: fixed for me. The person who first alerted me still sees it cut off]

tell them to do a hard refresh (ctrl+F5 or equivalent)

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