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I’m not quiet sure this should be on ‘Bug reports’ or ‘Feature requests’ but…

I’m using the iNat site export tool to download my observations, identifications and projects and following them locally through an application I’m working on. Among the fields I select for download, I’m picking the ‘Taxon Photo’ ( image_url) wich, as explained in the page, would bring me the URL address of the species default photo. But it actually brings down the same (or another) photo of the same (or another) observation. Up to now, I never seen a photo not belonging to the taxon but, neither, a ‘Taxon Photo’.


I really would like to get the ‘Taxon Photo’ as it is, almost always, very representative of the taxon and even a second photo of the same observation, usually, doesen’t show much of the most relevant characteristics for that one.


  1. will have the URL as it’s Taxon photo (it could be the second or the third photo of the same obs as it has many) but, in this case, it belongs to another observation of mine (see and;

  2. (a project obs) will bring the URL What I wanted to see, in this case, is:;

  3. will be associated to wich is the first photo of another observation of mine ( What I expect to receive is

I’ve used the following (and others with the same structure and fields) export page to download, if it helps:

Any wrong doing on my side? A misinterpretation or a badly translated help for that particular field into the Portuguese?

Thanks for any help or answer.

the image_url column refers to the first image of an observation, not to a taxon’s default image. The CSV export is for downloading observational data, not taxonomic data.


you should be able to get taxon photo URLs from the iNaturalist API, but you’ll need to know how to do a little bit of coding to get the information efficiently en masse.!/Observations/get_observations!/Taxa/get_taxa

I see. I’ll change my approach then. Thank you, very much.

I’ll dig into it. Thanks pisum

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