Photos change order when uploaded with different devices

A small bug, but I encounter it frequently and it bothers me enough to write about it :-)

For observations containing several images, one can control the order of photos upon uploading, in the app as well as via the website. However, this is broken when only a part of the images is uploaded via the website and another part via mobile devices. In the case of the temporal workflow ‘web first, app last’, photos from the app are shown first.

What happens is, the system wants to put them in the correct order, but the web photos are lacking the order numbers so they are put last.
I oftentimes make in situ shots with my good camera and for ID purposes put the specimen under a binocular scope, where I then digisope with my smartphone. Those pics are often ugly, but are shown first in the observation overview.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks like when editing the order - the two in situ shots are at the right place, but the number box is blank:

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Not sure whether this relates to the bug I mentioned earlier ? I expect the desired behaviour is all media should be displayed in the order uploaded unless specifically re-ordered by the observer.

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I am not sure if that issue is related, as sound files apparently cannot be given an order number. So only photos can be re-ordered in the edit tool. And you uploaded everything with the same device, I guess?

Yes I was thinking all media was sort of handled the same, but I see in a .json dump of my observation that the sound files aren’t even listed.

In your case would it help if either the app didn’t put a position number at all (in which case they would just display in order uploaded), or the web upload assigned a position number to all photos on upload?

Yes, that would at least keep the upload sequence in order. I am fine with no position numbers at all if that would be easier to implement

I found a workaround, which will put position numbers on all photos:
After uploading via the web and subsequently adding photos via the app, I change the image order in the app but restore it afterwards. Only then I safe and finally upload and all images have numbers.

Just if I will remember doing that is the question… :-)

I don’t think this is necessarily a bug, it’s just that the app and web handle image order differently. I’ll see if we can make them a bit more harmonious.