Photos pulled from Wikimedia are displayed at poor resolution on the Taxon Pages

When photos of high resolution are pulled from Wikimedia Commons to serve as default taxon photos on the Taxon Pages, they are displayed at a very poor, granular resolution on the Page, like so:

but appear fine elsewhere on the site (including under “Explore” and on the mobile app). Even selecting the image directly on the Taxon Page shows it at its correct resolution.

This does not happen with photographs pulled from Observations or Flickr. What’s going on here? Could it potentially be fixed? The two examples that come to mind are:

But I know that there are more.

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I think what the site is trying to do is load the photo display like this, where the resolution is lowered to reduce loading time but the full image is displayed in the box on Taxon Pages so it still looks nice, as depicted here on the Apron’s page:

The Apron’s default photo also comes from Wikimedia Commons. But something is happening on some of these taxon pages (e.g. Yellow Perch and Cape Fox) where the photos are not being displayed correctly. I wonder what is going on.

It looks like iNaturalist is pulling the wrong size image from Wikimedia Commons. For example, on the Cape Fox page it’s pulling a 240px thumbnail from Commons and stretching into a 555px-wide div.

Filed an issue for this, thanks @zygy.