Taxon thumbnails appear as 'processing' on explore page and observations when the photo is sourced from Wikimedia

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For the species Comaster nobilis, the thumbnails/photos show as ‘processing’ on both the explore tab and on individual observations, yet on the taxon page there is seemingly no issue

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I saw similar thing with black kite and it seemed like main photo was changed, I wonder if it’s connected.

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I’m still encountering this

I noticed this recently for an image from wikimedia, and this example is too:

Has it happened with iNat observation photos, or only wikimedia?

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hmm good point, I’ll keep an eye out; at this point seems like wikimedia pics only

just found another one, and indeed it’s a wikimedia sourced image

I’ve changed the title to reflect this

I spent some time on our test server trying this out and couldn’t find any obvious pattern. I thought maybe larger photos would cause it, but some smaller photos also got me the “processing…” thumbnail. If anyone want to take a look to see if there’s any consistency, here are photos that ended up with the “processing…” thumbnail:,_about_to_take_first_flight.jpg

And ones that didn’t:,_Mersin_2016-11-19_06-2.jpg'_botanical_register,_or,_Ornamental_flower-garden_and_shrubbery_(1829-1847)(21171945425).jpg

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Here’s another one.

It’s still there. I just added a photo from Wiki and it already is shown as processing.

I’ve also found several more of these in the past couple of months, and all were from wikimedia

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Seems fine now? Without a link to the wikimedia photos I can’t really check up on any of these. Here’s what I see when I go to

And I assume this is the photo in question?

Yes, now it’s showing.
I posted the screenshot of species page, so I assumed it won’t be hard for you to find it.