Photos taken with Mobile Phone

Dear sirs,

There is a problem with the bird ID.
Photos taken with mobile phones do not allow 99% ID.
Is it possible to forbid the publication of these shots?
Thank you for your cooperation.


Egregi signori,
C’é un problema per l’ID degli uccelli.
Le foto scattate con i telefonini non permettono l’ID al 99%.
È possibile vietare di pubblicare questi scatti ?**
Vi ringrazio per la collaborazione.**

More than half of those shots are idable, and people have all the rights to post what they wish, you can give them an advice how to make pictures clearer next time, but there’s not a single reason to forbid posting of legit nature photos.


I would say definetly not to forbid, it feels wrong to outright ban any kind of photography purely because of the device. It also is a bit uninclusive especially since I’d say +95% of users only have a mobile phone. Seems gatekeeping to me.

Also your statement isn’t true, here are my bird photos and almost every one that is research grade to species level was taken with my phone:


pure hogwash.

I’ve been in such so close range to some species recently that a 25-58mm zoom is entirely too much, as well as the sound of shutterfire noticeably disturbs birds at close-moderate range.

My partner takes photos with their mobile phone and often gets better footage and photos of mixed species flocks 50% of the time we’re in the field, some of the species are so close to us.

I use 70-300mm zoom lens most of the time I’m in the field, my minimum focus length is over 1.5 m, when a bird less than a meter away from me it is nearly impossible for me to use my equipment, if I move further away I will disturb the species and ruin the observation, should I change lenses in the field? if I had a pro birding camera with a super telephoto zoom lens with a teleconverter, forget it.

When I’m next to a bushes full of spinetails jumping and crawling all over trees, it is nearly impossible to obtain a focused shot due to the excessive amount of brush between the lens and the bird, a camera on mobile phone will perform well in this application, even with a steady hand and active manual focusing.

Also 99.9% digiscope users, like many, many professional bird guides and ornithologists capture their photos utilizing a mobile phone.

Please understand, that without a significant degree of good fortune, depending on the conditions, a mirrorless or dslr camera with APS-C sensor, and a 300mm zoom lens, can often be completely insufficient at capturing a subject like a perched bird at over 50 meters distances, even in the hands of competent user.


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