Problema da individui della Danimarca

Ai responsabili del sito e agli scienziati,

da alcune settimane ci sono diversi individui che postano foto inappropriate e sotto un certo aspetto offensive.

Se questo sito é serio sarebbe ora di bloccare la loro iscrizione.

L’ho scritto in italiano per farmi capire.

[names and screenshot removed by moderator]

di questo livello allora significa che postare osservazioni sul sito é solo una perdita di tempo.

Vi ringrazio per la collaborazione.


[screenshot removed by moderator]

[screenshot removed by moderator]

Fate un pò voi

Buona giornata


Hi Roby,

Just a heads up, please don’t post usernames or screenshots showing usernames when you’re calling out negative behaviour/uses of the site. For posts like this, a general explanation of the issue is sufficient.

As for the issue itself, unfortunately when you have 1.5 million + users on a platform, there are always going to be a very small minority that do not use it as intended. Users posting photos of either inanimate objects or humans, and then IDing them as other species, is best dealt with by adding an ID of ‘human’ to the observation and marking the DQA with either organism not wild, or no evidence of organism. You may also like to leave a comment indicating why this behaviour is problematic and encouraging the observer to take photos of wild organisms.

If the ID is clearly designed to be offensive, or if the photograph shows offensive gestures or behaviours, then you can also flag them. There is generally some leeway given to these cases when a user first does them, because it’s almost always school children being forced to use the app as part of eg an assignment. In most cases, leaving a helpful comment will generally stop that user posting more intentionally incorrect IDs. If the same user consistently keeps doing this over and over despite being warned, then a suspension may be in order.

Ultimately, however, as I alluded to, whilst these cases are unhelpful and can be annoying, they’re unavoidable when you have a community as large as iNat does.


Hi thebeachcomber,
Thank you for the explanations.
However, even at this moment I found …
photographs of birds from book pages
Always as young people from Denmark.

Ti ringrazio per le spiegazioni.
Comunque anche in questo momento ho trovato …
fotografie di uccelli da pagine da libri
Sempre da giovani della Danimarca.

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