Pin Color Consistency

I just spotted this today on the website that the colour of observation pins on the map is not consistent. eg.

If i go to an observation, the pins on the map on the right would typically be a certain color, eg. for arthropods it is red, for plants it would be green, bird would be blue etc. Somehow only my observation shows the right color while the rest is red. I have given an example above.


I have noticed a change in the application of pin colours in a couple of situations. Not a problem, but a guide to interpreting it would be helpful.


I think it was a color coding scheme I noticed that iNat has been using to group certain taxa. You may find it in certain blog posts regarding their statistics.

There’s definitely a hange of pins when adding observations, they become transparent, then become red again, then only 1 cirle-pin is shown, that’s weird.

Discussed in a previous thread:


ah my bad. we can now lock this thread now as it is completely connected to that one.

Is the problem described by @melodi_96 the same? I’m not sure I really understand what she’s reporting. I guess I’ll close this thread and if the problem is different, maybe she can open a new bug report.